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We’ve developed the leading crypto infrastructure to earn and share staking rewards with coin holders.
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Via Proof of Stake consensus, individual coin holders can receive new coins as compensation for participating in network governance and transaction validation. Unlike Proof of Work, POS requires no energy consumption, specialized hardware or mining cartels. All coin holders can be stakers.


The staking yields released by network protocols to block producers are significant often ranging from 5% to 20% annually. As these rewards compound, the net reward total can grow ever larger. However, each year billions of dollars in rewards are unrecovered by their rightful owners.

Staking As A Service

Through staking with Battlestar, individual investors can support the network protocols they’ve invested in and harvest their entitled ROI. Battlestar manages all aspects of staking as a specialist third-party, including posting collateral, transaction validation, governance voting, accounting and distribution.

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